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Steps to Consider Series, Step #1

Steps to Consider Step #2

Steps to Consider Step #3, Garlic, Castor Oil and the Poison Factory 

Steps to Consider Step #4, From Matt Monarch

Steps to Consider Step #5, The Hepatic System

Steps to Consider Step #6, The Dissolving Cancer Report

Herbal First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

Steps to  Consider about Cancer: Step #7, the Final Report: Adrenal Glands

Inflammation Management Oct 5, 2011



Following is the first of several or many, depending on how they turn out, of steps to consider about cancer, either for prevention or for cure.
#1 Bleed Green. This is #1 for a reason. Without a doubt it is the most important thing I currently know about fighting cancer or any chronic disease, actually. Make it a goal to bleed green. Of course, you cannot literally do this, but the idea is to get so much wheatgrass juice, green supplements, green smoothies and green juices into you several times per day that you imagine if you keep it up you shall soon bleed green. We know that our bodies can manufacture blood out of chlorophyll in plants by only making one very easy, very fast, very small change...we exchange the magnesium for iron and it becomes blood.
Bleeding green becomes not only a way to replenish healthy blood into our bodies, it also changes our blood chemistry to an alkaline, well-oxygenated state with medicinal accoutrements that fight cancer, dry out infection, hydrate connective tissue, improve liver function and so forth. This last point, that of liver function, is particularly interesting to cancer patients who always have liver problems before they have cancer.
Bleeding green also has another perk: it calms and relaxes our minds so that we can begin to face up to dark, degenerative issues in our psyche that are psychological and emotional cancer. These issues can be "acknowledged and accepted," to our credit where they have been pushed away out of frustration, anger or fear. It is the belief of some of us in the natural healing world that this is as important as anything for any state of disease, physically, socially, financially, spiritually or familially.
Basic "Bleed Green" smoothie: 1/4 cup of white grapefruit juice, juice of one lime, 1-2 cups of healthy water, 2 frozen bananas, 2 ounces of other frozen fruit (organic) and 3-5 leaves of organic kale (or large handful of organic spinach, fresh, homegrown comfrey leaves, organic beet greens/swiss chard, etc), 3 or so tablespoons of agave nectar to taste (honey is fine, but less desirable than agave for these smoothies). Blend until relatively smooth. Drink with delight. Total raw foodists may switch out the grapefruit for something fresh juiced.
Drink to start and end the day.

Kal Sellers, MH


Prevention and Cure Step to Consider #2
The ability to manage things like cancer and autoimmune disease depends on a delicate and complex relationship in the body that no one really understands and hence medicine is failing to effectively deal with. However, a few key important elements are known which can be easily managed naturally. We have found these to work, even without a complete understanding.
The element for this step is the health of the adrenal glands. Specifically, Cortisol and Aldosterone are of interest, which are hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. Cortisol in particular, has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as an effect on the function of the immune system itself. We know that stress leads to high cortisol, which actually damages and weakens the immune system, but long-term very high stress leads to exhausted adrenal glands that produce far less than adequate cortisol. In this state, the immune system is not just damaged, it actually will cease to function properly at all as long as that state exists. There will be high inflammation with very low effect. In this state, if other factors are supportive, cancer can go from a small, contained unit, to an explosive disease. Indeed, some researchers feel that no cancer would ever get completely out of control without this element. This is not a “cause” of cancer, that will be discussed a little as we go along, but without this problem, it appears that cancer can get out of control.
Generally, cortisol gets lowest after the extreme stress has mellowed out. Then, the effects of it “catch up” with the individual. If the person has no cancer existing, this will lead to other problems (such as infection or autoimmune disease) but where cancer is hanging around, an explosion of it may be imminent.
This lends credence to the postulate from New German Medicine, that all cancer follows some sort of painful loss, real or perceived, in the form of…anything from money to position to family or loved one.
Naturally, a reasonable step, for anyone, is to keep the adrenals supported and to keep cortisol (and other adrenal hormones) within healthy ranges.
The following herbal formula is cross formulated, a thing I only do if driven to it by something seeming to work very well that way. By cross formulated, I mean that it is formulated to do multiple things for various systems. It helps create healthy blood, nourishes the mineral and vitamin needs of the body, helps the thyroid gland, strengthens the liver and really helps the adrenal glands. I have modified this base to include other herbs for various purposes and have been pleased with the results consistently.
3 parts Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs (I buy the pound of the bulk powder)
2 parts turmeric
1 part rosemary
1 part milk thistle seed
2 parts astragalus
½ part (or a little less) of licorice root (for long-term weak adrenal glands)
This is stirred up and then stirred into water each morning and night (four times per day for anyone with serious problems). I usually recommend 1-3 teaspoons per dose, ½ teaspoon for kids.
Thanks for reading,

Kal Sellers, MH

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Cancer #3: Garlic and the Poison Factory


Garlic can be taken many ways, but until recently I had never researched its use in the way I am going to recommend today. It is well known that garlic helps the liver, helps blood pressure, improves oxygen saturation, disinfects the body, destroys parasites and generally creates conditions that would be favorable to healing just about anything.


What I did not know, however, was how good of an absorbent garlic could be. Normally, we take garlic oil, eat pressed garlic or roasted garlic or take it dried and powdered in a supplement. These are all fine, and work well as many of us know. In these cases, the garlic is absorbed rather quickly from the GI tract and goes throughout the body and does its work in the next few hours. After that, just the sulfur remains and that also has a medicinal value because it helps with detoxification and to feed the body dietary sulfur.


There is a way, however, to get the garlic to absorb toxins at the same time that it disinfects and promotes liver detoxification and healing of the colon, the largest organ of detox next to the skin. This is done by keeping the garlic more or less in tact and swallowing it like a pill. If the garlic cloves are large, they can be sliced into chunks barely small enough to swallow. If they are small, they can be nicked with a knife so that there can be exchange from inside to outside when they are in the stomach and GI tract.


One can swallow the equivalent of 6-8 capsules in garlic chunks.


These pieces of garlic have a few advantages over their pressed or ground counter parts:


First, the garlic will be time-release, meaning that it will release fresh medicinal garlic the whole way through the GI tract so that “everyone”, including the lower colon, gets the good stuff, not the already worn out and used up stuff that will be left over after garlic is digested in the typical way. This means that the full strength of garlic will be right up against the lower colon, where so many pathologies can begin or exist. It is also near the prostate for men and will seep potent medicines right into that area also.


Second, the garlic will appear with a new medicinal power in absorbing toxins, poisons and heavy metals as it goes through. This heavy metal aspect is what first interested me. Surprise it was when I found that no other absorptive I had found worked as well as garlic for pulling out mercury and for relieving the symptoms of mercury poisoning. That was and is exciting. Because of this absorptive action, garlic also pulls poisons out of the liver. These poisons that appear when the liver is overloaded or toxic are one of the fundamental causes of cancer. The liver will pull off cancer cells, detox them and remove them from the body fairly quickly if it can, but if it is already too toxic, then it will ignore them because it has to. Then cancer can grow.


Third, garlic will not overheat the body when taken in this form, while in any other form, garlic can overheat the body and exhaust it.


Now that we understand the function of garlic, let us talk about the poison factory. The liver is normally a poison processing plant. It cleans out all the worst stuff and neutralizes it for safe elimination. When it is dysfunctional and overloaded, however, the liver can become a metabolic poison factory. It can create a state of system and body-wide metabolic toxicity. Neurological and immune dysfunction, cancer and cysts, obesity and inflammation are just a few of the serious problems that can result. Cardiovascular problems and cholesterol abnormalities are certain.


With garlic, we have a tool that can help to change this. With the whole garlic chunks, we can absorb poisons that the liver otherwise would not process well. Meanwhile, we can also treat the liver. There are many approaches to this which will be discussed by and by, but one thing that works outstandingly well in tandem with garlic chunks is castor oil.


When I use castor oil, I lie on my left side and rub it into my liver, which is on my right side (the side up) under the lower edge of the rib cage from side to sternum. I rub about a teaspoon of the oil in very well for several minutes while relaxing as well as I can. Then I use either Professor Cayenne’s Deep Heating balm from Dr. Christopher Original Formulas, or Deep Tissue Ointment from Dr. Richard Shulze, on top of the castor oil. This heats it and stimulates its passage into the liver. This I generally do at night and I always experience some improvement by morning.


Castor oil is worth two newsletters by itself, but it will purge tissue, improve electrical activity in the tissues, drain lymph, carry out poisons, cathart otherwise stagnant tissue and more. It is a wonder oil that dissolves all cysts, tumors and scar tissue. Furthermore, it is very inexpensive, easy to get and safe to use. Every household should have some and every condition should be considered as a candidate for castor oil treatments of some kind.


Castor oil will purge the liver while the garlic will absorb the toxins, kill infection and parasites and bring oxygen in where there has been a shortage due to toxicity. It is a dynamic duo that will always yield results.


Thanks for reading,

Kal Sellers, MH

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Cancer #4: From Matt Monarch


For those of you who do not know, Matt Monarch is a leading expert and voice in the raw food world. Recently, I attended a lecture of his and, while he and his wife, Angela, had many very good things to say, one item in particular seemed to afterward urge me to put it forth.


He said, “What you do not eat is more important than what you eat.” He gave a few good examples of this where people on both raw and cooked food diets reduced greatly their intake of food and the variety they were eating and discovered that they got younger, healed and got better permanently.


This is not the first time this has come up and I have spoken about cancer on this basis before—that cancer cells starve a good deal easier than healthy cells. David Wolfe said, “Health, wealth, success and all of that ain’t about what you get, it is about what you let go of.”


We are all familiar, probably, with the adage, “Less is more.” This means many things, but at least that groping wildly in any part of life is unfulfilling. Enjoyment of the simple leads to happiness and stays with you a lot better.


With all of this, I would like to make a single application (though I hope you are all smart enough to realize that this can be applied in all parts of life and that enjoyment of less in dietary indulgence truly is more enjoyment and a richer life). My application has to do with whether one works on cleansing and overall healing and healthful eating and living or whether one turns to the finest of miracle supplements.


I was speaking to someone just the other day on this subject and my friend asked me about those I knew who had succeeded in curing themselves of cancer versus those who failed. Of those where I have personal knowledge, there are six total. Three successfully cured themselves of cancer totally naturally and three are dead. One group consists of supplement and product junkies. They went for super supplements, goji juice, Acai, herbs from the other side of the planet, minerals or vitamins supposedly created just for cancer with great success rates (and a high price tag). These all have one thing in common: THEY ARE ALL DEAD!


The other group did things very different. They used the same basic natural healing methods that have been used for centuries. They did not reach for super-supplements or miracle cures, but they reached for choices that would remove poisons from their systems, improve body chemistry and improve spiritual and emotional health. They all have one thing in common: They are all alive and well to this day!


It is not one more thing that you put in that tips the balance, it is one more thing that you take out that you do without, that you allow your body to take a rest from that tips the balance in your favor. There are supplements that help with cancer and, the truth be known, all the supplements that have ever cured anyone were either placebo or they did what they did because they were the final addition to a whole lifestyle change that was suddenly inconsistent with cancer. We understand these basics. We consume mostly raw, fresh juices, we stick to mostly raw food, we get colon hydrotherapy and do other cleanses, we increase organic potassium intake and reduce protein intake to a minimum, we avoid all processed foods (especially starches and sugars) completely without variation, we consume comfrey green smoothies and potassium broth, we do liver flushes (discussed in exquisite detail next newsletter) we deep breathe, drink pure water, we love more, we forgive everyone and everything, we get rid of stuff around us that represents stagnation, toxicity, loss or pain and we stimulate the immune system. We take this as a given that it must be done to survive. We are not looking for a miracle cure, we are looking for where the work must be done and we get going and do that work, however hard it may appear at first.


Done correctly, even when a person dies before they get things cleaned up and the cancer removed, that person will die totally pain free. We now know that getting the liver clean is essential for those people who are not getting it done fast enough and next time we will discuss this in detail and give exact instructions for liver and gall bladder cleansing at that level.


Thank you for reading,


Kal Sellers, MH



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Cancer #5: The Hepatic System


Actually, this newsletter has NO business being restricted to the issue of cancer. Every chronic or degenerative disease, defined or undefined by conventional medicine is impacted by the data herein. Furthermore, many acute diseases and daily irritations are affected to the extreme by healing this system. The value of it is difficult to overstate.


Here are a couple things that this article could be about if it were not titled for Cancer:

  1. Getting the miraculous value from herbs that the natural healers got 50 years ago, including healing every and any disease, regrowing hair, correcting scoliosis, healing MS, regrowing teeth, regenerating every organ, healing every infection, regenerating bone, healing shattered bones completely like new, dissolving cysts and tumors, regenerating eyes and vision, etc. The block to these processes very well could be the liver. I believe that the liver IS THE blockage to these miracles, on a physiological level.
  2. Changing behavior patterns where a person is stuck. Much has been said and done about self-sabotaging patterns (and in some cases patterns that sabotage others) today, but at the physiological level, this inability to convert what one wants to do and be into actual reality is a blockage in the liver that stops the completion of energy down certain pathways. We may not have much of a fix on this in chemical physiology today, but the Chinese understood the connection very well and practiced medicine around it for thousands of years. Anger, inability to understand, hear, see, connect, complete, etc…these are all partly or wholly functions of the liver. A person who is constantly unfulfilled is actually blocked somehow. This discussion could go into psychosomatic problems, blocked emotions and Dianetics, but at a physiological level, this is a liver problem.
  3. Skin problems and chronic infection could be the whole subject here just as easily. The liver is directly involved, as should become obvious as we go along. The liver manages all such things and when it is blocked in any way, various parts of the body become unmanageable. Perhaps the discussion about cancer below will help illustrate this fact.


Since the article is about cancer, let us just make a couple remarks about cancer before we get started. Cancer is a natural process that happens several hundred times per day. Cells that are damaged but still young are “switched” into a self-destructive mode where growth occurs abnormally until there is enough blood supply to the area for the white blood cells to come in, clean it up, remove it and take it, via the blood and lymph, to the liver for processing and elimination. This is a natural process that is no threat whatsoever to a healthy person.


Some modern fear-based medicine philosophers have postulated that the body just fails somehow or is out of control or is confused. Let me go on record: “The body is never confused and absolutely never fails to do the very best thing to preserve itself right up until the moment of death!” To this there is no recourse by any sentient being. It is the only axiom that explains precisely the actions of the body.


When cancer appears, it is because the liver is so stopped (sometimes due to stress, fear or loss) that it cannot process safely those cancer cells. The liver turns off the mechanism to destroy and carry off cancer and keeps the cancer growing in hopes that it will get a chance to be cleared and then it can continue its work and heal the body. Given the proper conditions, it can and will. Actually, for a limited time, cancer will absorb vast amounts of toxicity; because of this, it helps relieve the load on the liver temporarily. In addition, if the liver is totally cleansed and healed, the body will be healthier after than before.


It is a blocked, weakened, plugged liver that allows cancer to get out of control. The emotional aspect is still being explored, but we can be sure that whatever the emotional aspect is, the growth of cancer is still the liver’s best possible response to the conditions created by that emotional aspect. Understand, cancer will grow every day of life without variation no matter what. The reason it does not grow out of control is simply that the liver keeps receiving and processing the toxic and destroyed components of it each day. Then it crops up somewhere else and that location is cleaned up. The immune system will not, however, clean out and remove what the liver cannot handle.


This also can be applied to all types of infection (including candida).



Dr. Christopher once made this statement: “No one was ever a cancer patient who was not first a liver patient.”


There are several reasons for this that are known and no doubt many that are unknown. The liver is responsible for literally thousands of functions which are done trillions of times every day! The management of every cell, every process, every chemical, every communication, every aspect of elimination, every aspect of healing and repair, every aspect of digestion and assimilation, every aspect of immune performance, fat deposition, metabolism, etc, is either directly or indirectly managed by the liver. The liver is to the chemical systems and physical tissues of the body as the brain is to the nervous system of the body. The heart is important, but it is really mostly a pump. The liver actually manages everything.


There is no varicose vein, no cyst, no scar tissue, no emotional pattern, no chemical or hormonal imbalance, no metabolism or elimination issue, which cannot be directly traced to the involvement of the liver. Even in places where operations seem to work independent of the liver (renal function, for example) the liver is very much involved. We can trace hormone regulation to the liver, including those that affect the kidneys. We can also see that many items to be eliminated by the kidneys are first converted in the liver to manageable wastes. Further, if we open a door and peek into Chinese medicine, we discover that the heat for every operation in the human body is sourced to the liver. It represents the element called wood (representing growing plant life) and is involved with growth and fuel for heat. It picks up excess water in the system and converts it to healthy growth. It is the culmination of the five elements into the source of life for all animals on earth…plants.


So we see that no behavior and no cellular activity can be separated from the liver. We could say this of other systems too, but the liver is really the hub of all the other systems. It is the manager of everything and the source of life energy for everything. It disseminates to other systems.


One other system that relates to all other systems intensely is the bowel. The bowel works differently, though, as it works like a relay or breaker system for all the other systems and organs. This relay system comes from early fetal development and every other organ and system (almost) develops with connection to the bowel. So the bowel is as intensively integrated as the liver, but in a very different way. The liver is also manager over the cells of the bowel.


Still, the liver dumps into the bowel and the importance of this relationship cannot be overstated when doing liver cleansing. The bowel must be kept open the whole time. By this, we usually mean that the individual takes colon hydrotherapy or cathartic herbs (or both) sufficient to produce copious bowel movements…hopefully 3-5 easy ones every day.


In other words, you get the bowel moving with bowel herbs and/or colonics and then you start your liver herbs or liver program. In this newsletter, I will give you a formula that will effectively keep the liver and the bowel moving. I will also give you an intensive liver and gall bladder stone flush that is the best I have found so far.


In order to keep the liver healthy, both diet and cleansing must be considered. In addition to this, some people will need liver strength, liver heat, liver cooling agents, liver stimulation and perhaps other liver aids to be used with cleansing. We have seen a number of times that liver cleansing will sometimes be ineffective if the liver is too weak or too out of balance to do the cleanse properly. In these cases, we use herbal formulas that will help in the specified way. These will be taken for several weeks before intensive liver cleansing is undertaken again. Cleansing must be done, but sometimes help is needed for stability first.


So, in the following lines I will provide several formula options and the activities they are designed to support.


  1. Liver Strength: This formula has been given elsewhere and under other names. This is a variation of those formulas and is simplified. It is not better or worse, different people will find value in slightly different formulas. This is just the most recent, simplified version I have.
    1. Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Vitalerbs (I purchase this in the bulk—meaning one pound powdered—on line from Use 3 parts of this mix
    2. Milk thistle seed powder—2 parts
    3. Ginger root powder—2 parts
    4. Turmeric root powder—2 parts
    5. Ashwaganda powder—1 part
    6. Licorice root—1/2-1 part (use one if there is known adrenal fatigue, stress or chronic fatigue)


You will notice a few changes if you have seen the other formulas. This formula works a little better for raw strength for the liver. The ginger helps the turmeric work and the ashwaganda is great for those whose condition is very weak.


This formula should be taken two times daily in water. I recommend 1-3 tablespoons based on your size and metabolism (if you eat more, take more). I just stir it into water and drink it down.


  1. Liver cleanser on the moove: This formula is a replacement for Dr. Christopher’s Liver Gall Bladder Formula, which also works good, but is not so designed for bowel and stones also. It is made up as tea. Unless otherwise specified, all teas are made with one teaspoon of herb to one cup of water, either distilled or Enagic Kangan water.
    1. 3 parts Senna leaf/pods
    2. 2 parts buckthorn root
    3. 1 part comfrey root
    4. 1 part ginger root
    5. 3 parts peppermint
    6. 2 parts catnip
    7. 2 parts sarsaparilla or yucca stalk or root
    8. 2 parts Oregon grape root
    9. 1 part cloves
    10. 1 part cardamom pods
    11. 1 part licorice root
    12. whole stevia leaf powder to taste


This formula is very carminative (increases digestive secretions) and should be drunk one cupful warm before each meal. Increase dosage until a very strong bowel action results. If this does not result, then look for a much stronger formula, such as Dr. Richard Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 ( 1-800-herb-doc  1-800-herb-doc to order his formulae).



  1. Liver Cooler: for people with “hot” conditions of sweating or anger or any other overly hot condition, this formula will give some relief. However, a hot liver is a constipated liver and the stone cleanse is even more important than this formula.
    1. Dandelion root—1 part
    2. Oregon Grape root—1 part
    3. Ginger root—2 parts (yeah, I know it is warming, but it is also diffusive, so that it actually helps to diffuse excess heat from the core)
    4. Burdock root—1 part
    5. Comfrey root—1 part
    6. Peppermint—2 parts

Purchase powdered and encapsulate or stir into water or make tea as is your preference. Drink 2 cups of tea per day (night and morning) or take 4 capsules 2x daily.


  1. The Stone Flush: This flush is a significant upgrade from my previous formula, which still is the best I have yet encountered in print. This flush, though, is simpler and more powerful yet and has produced thousands of stones in the toilet in a single flush. On this note, a recent and very well written book by Andreas Moritz is available and highly recommended by me to read if you want to understand the liver and gall bladder and cleansing it and how it will affect every system. Here is a link to Amazon if you want to purchase it:


He may make you feel a little like he thinks the liver is the answer to everything, and the way he does it can feel a little overboard, but if you actually understand the liver’s involvement in every tissue and system, then it is easy to grasp how he may be right. I have personally witnessed several of the benefits he speaks about and I have good reason to believe that all of them are very probably available if the individual gets the liver and diet healthy enough.


To wrap it up shortly, let me just say that every complaint has a chance of being helped by a liver flush. Many symptoms will not go away until the overwhelming majority of stones are purged out. Mr. Moritz recommends 8-10 flushes as a baseline, but that no one should stop until after they do the flush correctly two consecutive times with no stones whatsoever. He also says (and other experts I read agree) that if you want to overcome allergies or multiple chemical sensitivity disorder or cancer or arthritis or any serious disease, you have to get upwards of 2500 stones minimum. This really will happen and people really do have this many or more stones blocking the liver up. It is a shock to see how bad it really is in most Americans…even children! You may not count every one, but do get a pretty good idea about every toilet bowel full so that you have an idea of how you are doing. The following flush is a variation from Mr. Moritz’s and it is what I have found to be the absolute most basic for the absolute greatest yield and effect. I used his a couple times also. I invite you to try it both ways and see which works better for you. Here is my program:

a.       Stop all food at 12:00 noon.
b.      Stop all drinks (herbal teas, juices, water) by 2:00 pm
c.       At  6:00 pm drink ½ of the Epsom Salts Drink (recipe below)
d.      At 7:00 pm drink the rest of the Epsom Salts Drink
e.       At 8:00 pm drink the flush drink (recipe below) and go immediately to bed. Before drinking this, you may want to void your bowels one last time so that you can stay in bed when you lay down.
f.        While laying in bed, rub castor oil well into the liver area (just below and on the right ribcage at the bottom, from the midline of the side around to the midline of the breastbone). As you massage, try to imagine pushing that castor oil up into the liver from below and through the ribs into it from the outside. Follow up with some healthyish deep heating balm like Professor Cayenne’s deep heating ointment or Boswellin Cream or Tiger Balm.
g.       When finished and the oil is well rubbed in, put shirt down or cloth over it and brush with medium pressure over the same area imagining that you are brushing stones from the top of the liver (just below the breast crease) down to the bottom where they can go out of the liver appropriately. While doing this, breath very deeply to set off the “lymph geyser.” Keep this up for ten to fifteen minutes. This will activate lymph movement here.
h.       The best time to do this cleanse (and any cleanse, really) is when you are feeling very poorly, headachy, sick, sore, painful or otherwise miserable, sad or lonely. This will come at a climax of the liver and at these moments miracle cleanses happen.

                     i.      Epsom Salts Drink: Totally dissolve 3 Tablespoons of Epsom Salts into 3 cups of Enagic Kangan water (see or distilled water.

                    ii.      Flush Drink: Wash, cut and juice (or just scoop out the pulp) 2 large grapefruit (pink or yellow will work). Put in blender. Add ¾ cup of organic extra virgin olive oil. Add 3 heaping Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Add 40 drops of Wintergreen oil (no substitutes will work here. It kills parasites. I always get questions because all the bottles say not for internal use, but I have a long and complete answer to this, which would eventually arrive at the conclusion that in this dosage it is absolutely nothing to worry about at all…unless you are a parasite (none of my readers, I am sure)). Blend up well.

-----Since originally posting this, I have gotten constant concerns about the wintergreen oil. After honest and fair research, I find this concern unwarranted, especially by anyone willing to use OTC NSAIDs, take cough syrup or drink alcohol...all of which are far more dangerous. Still, since it is such a stumbling block to some, I can also recommend as an alternative Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture, one half teaspoon in water before starting the epsom salts.

 Note: I have not found Mr. Moritz’s use of apple juice leading up to the cleanse to be necessary. In any event, the only stones that theoretically should be affected would be those that are calcified, which only happens in the gall bladder. Liver stones do not calcify according to current understanding. Liver stones are the most important for overall healing, according to current understanding.

Note #2: Occasionally, individuals get feeling nauseous after the epsom salts. In this case, they can drink some ginger tea or take some lemon juice, or both. A little warm water with fresh lemon juice and ginger powder will work well and may assist in the whole process. It is important that they do not drink very much, though, as this will reduce the effect of the cleanse.

Note #3: Just before this last proofing of this program, a client of mine did this cleanse and had success for the first time (she had done two other such cleanses), but she made this comment that may be useful. She said that the next day after the cleanse, she started feeling “blocked” [in the upper right quadrant where the liver ducts are] and took another dose of Epsom salts in water. She did this about 11a.m. She immediately felt that area start moving and then shortly she flushed out many, many stones! She felt that this might be useful for others who got this feeling and needed to dilate the ducts and free this flow of stones.


Diet: Any discussion of any healing system would be very deficient without a discussion of prevention and future maintenance. I will give the most fundamental dietary program I can:


  1. If you cannot recognize it, do not eat it. If you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it. If you do not know what the word in the ingredient list is…I mean really know, do not eat it.
  2. Avoid all dairy and wheat products unless sprouted. This includes white and wheat flour, pastas, breads, rolls, wraps, etc.
  3. Eat lots of raw vegetables. If you are not used to it or if you lack teeth, learn to make green smoothies or juice your vegetables. It is best to have fresh vegetable juice for your evening meal. This will totally change your world. Go as far toward totally raw as you possibly can. Traci’s books ( will really help with the transition if you need help (note: we now have copies of the School of Natural Healing Edition of Traci’s Transformational Health Principles with the recipe book on CD in the back that, for a limited time, I am offering for $30 (normally $40 each) each. If you want a copy, email me and I will send you a paypal button). You can develop an informed decision about what is the best transitional state for you right now and you will have the recipes to make it taste great.
  4. Reduce the intake of animal products. More than one time per week will certainly cause liver congestion/stone build up in most people.
  5. Avoid refined sugars and starches.
  6. Eat way less than you think you need. No one in our culture has any idea of what they really need. Eating less always leads to better health if the food that is consumed is high quality and consumed with gratitude. Find an improved dietary standard you can follow consistently and stick to it.
  7. Eat lots of fresh, ripe, raw fruit. Have plenty of it. The only thing about fruit is, you gotta eat it alone on an empty stomach or in totally green salads or it will backfire, ferment, create disease and cause weakness. It will certainly make your liver worse if you abuse it. Eat plenty of it, but eat it according to the rules.
  8. Go to bed on or very near empty. Never sedate yourself to sleep with food or drink of any kind.


Thank you for reading this rather lengthy newsletter. I have been trying to shorten these to make them easier to manage, but this one is so important that I feel that the duration is appropriate to fully cover the basics. If you have questions, you are always welcome to email me and I will answer them as soon as I can.


Kal Sellers, MH


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Steps to Consider about Cancer #6 The Dissolving Cancer Report


Last time we discussed the liver and the importance it plays in whether your body will even try to process cancer, infection, healing, etc. If the liver cannot handle the load, it will so govern the body as to resist the breakdown of cancer.


If we want cancer to dissolve, we must have observed step #5 very well.


Once the liver is working, though, and the bowels are kept clean, then we can go ahead and start dissolving the cancer. In fact, dissolving cancer is easy and basic in principle.


We frequently hear of the use of herbs that kill cancer—natural chemotherapies, but these have never shown up with that good of a track record in actual practice. People try them but only rarely do they really get better because of them. This is not because those things do not work, but it is because killing cancer from the outside in has never been a very effective approach. Anything strong enough to kill all cancer cells will be harmful to the body and may promote future cancer. So only if a person is in such a state that they are really ready to start getting rid of the cancer naturally (using natural body processes) will the cancer-killing herbs be a cure of themselves. In other words, they work great to push you over the edge when you are very close to winning.


Thus, we see that when we take on cancer, we are not probably going to rely on a lot of herbs to kill cancer, but rather we will look for how to use them to dissolve the cancer naturally. A few killers might be there…most natural cancer fighters advocate almonds, for example, whose skins contain so-called “vitamin B-17,” a natural chemotherapy compound.


So here we shall discuss how to dissolve cancer as suggested. Cancer is always dissolved when there is sufficient oxygen throughout the tissue and also sufficient high-quality, alkaline blood supplying that newly oxygenated tissue.


It is important to note that people have successfully alkalized their blood and ended up dying of cancer anyway because cancer is great at creating its own microclimate within the larger climate of the body. It does this by storing excess fluid around its cells and those nearby.


Thus, whatever we use has to work to drain off the cancerous tissue, thus ridding it of its stagnant, acidic fluid through which oxygen cannot pass to reach the cells. This drainage process may withdraw cancer cells out into circulation, but when there is plenty of oxygen present, those cells are immediately neutralized. The only system capable of draining that toxic fluid away is the lymphatic system and to do it once a large cancer is present, requires hyperactivity. That hyperactivity will also facilitate the complete destruction of any cancer cells that may escape alive.


Let us pause here for a second and look at Dr. Christopher’s Blood Stream formula which he used for cancer and one very similar was used by Chief Sundance very successfully. These herbs successfully “cured” cancer for many people, so why did they work?


In Dr. Christopher’s Formula there are basically four classes of herbs (actually, there are other ways to classify these same herbs, but this way is useful now):

  1. Lymphatic and liver cleansers—herbs that flush the liver, activate the lymphatic system or improve the action of either (Poke root, cascara sagrada, Oregon grape root, peach bark, buckthorn)
  2. Alterative herbs—herbs that change the pattern of body behavior in some way (Licorice, Burdock, peach bark, prickly ash bark, chaparral, buckthorn)
  3. Blood purifiers—to get rid of free radicals, chemical imbalances, cancer-causing and supporting agents (Red Clover, Sarsaparilla, chaparral, stillingia, burdock)
  4. Cancer attacking herbs—not an official class of herbs, but ones that are known to, in some way, directly affect cancer (Red Clover, Chaparral, Stillingia)


You will notice that the herbs chosen fit often into multiple categories. While some of these herbs have isolatable cancer-killing chemicals in them (buckthorn, cascara, Oregon grape), this is not why they were used. Rather they were used because they opened passages of elimination.


Generally, cancer-killing chemicals are useful when the cancer starts to break up. It will break up because you are effectively changing the chemistry right around the cancer cells (breaking up the microclimate). Cancer-killing herbs may not be particularly useful for breaking up the cancer itself. When the cancer breaks up, particles come off that then are neutralized by the cancer-killing chemicals from the herbs, which are in the blood.


What you see in this formula is a process, not a carefully researched collection of chemicals to kill cancer. This process goes as follows:

  1. Open channels of elimination
  2. Get the body behaving in a way that will not support the spread of cancer
  3. Neutralize cancer cells when it starts to break up
  4. Attack the stability of the cancer itself through normal processes and herbs that dissolve it


Actually, of all these, the most important part is the first part. When the elimination channels are opened, the lymphatic-stimulating herbs, most notably poke root, in this formula will stimulate the lymphatic ducts to start pumping. This drains the excess fluid and the macro-climate in the whole body, along with the herbs helping maintain it, will enter into the cancer along with oxygen and rapid, rapid dissolution of that cancer occurs.


One friend actually had the cancer in her brain break down so fast that she had heart troubles from the cancer cells and their toxic byproducts pumping through her heart. Since she has a very weak heart, this nearly killed her before the cancer did. She is alive and cancer-free to this day, though.


Once the liver is fully opened and cleared through Step #5, we are ready to get rid of the cancer itself. Dr. Christopher’s formula, along with a diet that is unfriendly to cancer (mostly raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds…and some green supplements to give lots of high quality blood) will work very well, and yet, we have found a phenomenon that Dr. Christopher apparently did not see much.


This phenomenon is when stressful situations in life cause the body to grip tight in areas associated with that stress (the Limbic system in the brain provides this association to physical sensation in the body all the time). This creates an intense blockage. Now, in #5, again, I have given you a tool that will do much and go far toward breaking down this blockage—when the liver is very well, it can manage far more stress from life far better.


However, because of the above phenomenon, we have several tools that are known to dissolve cancer in our toolbox here today:

  1. Castor Oil Massage. Originally, Dr. Christopher did have people use this all over the body in conjunction with wheat germ oil and olive oil. Each was done for two days and then on the seventh day the person was to rest. Castor oil, however, has a more specific value. It will stimulate lymphatic vessels, dissolve cancer cells and tumors and will break down blockage in the liver. As such, we have begun using it every day, maybe 2-3 times per day, massaged right into the area where the cancer is, on the feet where the reflexes are for that area and into the liver itself. The power of this is hard to overstate. Actually, castor oil has been published in medical journals for its value in dissolving all sorts of cysts and tumors, both cancerous and non.
  2. Lymphology. I have been studying lymphology for about 3 years, and it has shown itself to be a remarkable tool. Using this technique, one doctor was able to reduce a breast cancer from lemon-sized to about the size of a dime—so thin the doctors could not find it for some time—in less than an hour. This was done simply by draining the lymph using principles that allow it to be drained very vigorously, hundreds of times faster than normal and from specific areas.


I want to interject a commercial here for my good friends over at the IAL. I hope you will check out their applied lymphology courses. I make no money off of this, but it is a very good thing they are doing.


It is important to explain here that when the excess fluid is drained from any area, oxygen comes in and nutrient-waste exchange jumps to optimum. This immediately removes all pain in every case. It creates an environment—a microclimate, that is super-optimum. This makes it an interesting opposite to cancer…actually, we think of it as an antidote to cancer. Here we can create a microclimate even within an otherwise unhealthy body that will stimulate healing of every kind.


Actually, just a note about this, one of the stories Dr. West tells in his applied lymphology courses is about a baby that fell into a sewer and was not found for fifteen minutes. The baby lived but had brain damage and no use of its eyes. They used applied lymphology on the baby after being told that it was permanently damaged. In a few weeks that baby came fully up to normal. This is the power of this healing state and there is not anything exempt from it as far as we can tell. Apparently, when any tissue is kept flushed with oxygen and nutrients, it can regenerate. Apparently, tissue that appears to be permanently damaged when it is damaged (such as the central nervous system) only appears so because that specific tissue is not very good at the rate of exchange needed to actually create the conditions in which it can regenerate. Using applied lymphology, that rate of exchange is possible to create in any and every tissue.


So, how do we do it? There are a few simple steps:

a.       Breathe very deeply through your teeth right up to the absolute fullest you can get. Then exhale. Repeat two more times. No activity ever witnessed does even half so well as this type of breathing for pumping all the lymph out of the thoracic tree. This results very quickly in a lymphatic system with a slight vacuum.

b.      Find the area in question and massage it light and fast. If it is an abdominal organ, reach in deeper and quickly stroke upward on the organ to stimulate and move its lymph. If it is otherwise on the surface, just light brushing as fast as you can is ideal. This will activate the lymph ducts and will release electricity that will keep them pumping for a short time. Every ten seconds pause and do the breaths from ‘a’ again. For some people, sitting would be good to keep from falling over with hyperventilation. Do the whole thing for two minutes each time.

c.       Repeat letter ‘b’ every 15 minutes the first day, every 30 minutes the second day, every hour the third day, etc, until doing it four times per day, or anytime the pain flares up.

d.      Take three breaths as in ‘b’ and hold the last one. Brush rapidly over your head, front to back with your right hand while holding your left hand over your navel. This will amplify your thought wave. Send it to the area needing help. This will activate lymph vessels and cellular activity that you cannot get by touching. It should be done 3-4 times daily.


  1. Comfrey Green Drink: ironically, comfrey has gotten bad publicity, some of them levying charges of it causing cancer. This is radically unrealistic, actually. The very chemicals in question in comfrey are the ones that will seek out cancer specifically. When they arrive, they will carry with them the life-giving nutrients, chlorophyll, alkalinity, healing properties and lymph-energizing power of comfrey with them. Dr. Christopher always had his cancer patients use comfrey green drink (comfrey leaf blended into juice). This drink had the almost unique ability to go right to the cancer cells, weaken them, change the microclimate and strengthen all normal and healthy cells nearby or which were subsequently reached by the breaking down cancer.
  2. Opening Energy Pathways: The flow of energy actually greatly enhances the movement of lymph, which, it may well be, is the primary explanation of how it helps physically. All that debate aside, however, we know that this creates major changes in mental and emotional patterns and in physical patterns. It is radically healing. There is an exercise program we have developed here that uses applied lymphology breathing and massage as described in ‘2’ along with stretching of energy acu-meridians. The program may be a little too complicated for an email newsletter, but I will describe it for those who can pick it up. For others, you will have to wait for a video course on it, that I am working on:
    1. The following are done in various positions designed to lengthen and stretch the meridians that run in those areas. 12 out of 14 primary meridians run down the arms or legs, so we primarily will stretch these in different positions:

                                                              i.      Kneeling, sit between your feet. The fronts of the legs should be stretched. Lean back, placing your knuckles on your feet and steadily lift your pelvis up and arch your back.

                                                            ii.      In each case, if you are super-flexible, engage all the muscles around the area to create resistance to your own stretch.

                                                          iii.      Stretch the inner thighs by sitting and spreading legs as far apart as possible. Lean forward as far as you can.

                                                          iv.      Stretch the posterior thigh and back by standing strait-legged (not locked) and bending down as though you are going to put your hands between your feet on the ground/floor.

                                                            v.      Lean over to one side as far as you can. Repeat with other side.

                                                          vi.      Stretch your arms out to the sides with palms out, facing the horizon. Push with the butt of your hands and wrists to push the horizon away.

                                                        vii.      Use the same hand position to reach for the sky.

                                                      viii.      Use the reverse hand position (hand bent, thumb toward wrist, top of wrist protruding outward) and reach behind you as high as you can.

                                                          ix.      Stretch the neck leaned side to side, rotated, bent forward, bent back with chest thrust out.

                                                            x.      Sit for all positions if you get unsteady at all.

                                                          xi.      Remember to alternate breathing with massage as described below.

    1. Take three deep breaths as described in ‘2’ above, hold the third, brush front to back on the head and think of the area to be stretched.
    2. Exhale and enter the stretch. Repeat ‘b’ and ‘c’ two or three times until you notice the area getting longer and easier to stretch.
    3. Come to a neutral position, take one breath and exhale, then put both hands together in the abdomen. Massage vigorously, rapidly, but not with much pressure, upward. Each time you do this, find different sensitive spots or choose different organs if you know where they are. Every ten seconds take a breath and exhale—you can take two if you need to. When you feel like the area you chose is released, enter the stretch again.
    4. To stretch all the areas should take you about 30-40 minutes if done correctly.


For some, the above will seem too complex and too uncertain, but one only need do it a few times to witness its power to heal anything you want to heal.


Thank you for reading,


Kal Sellers, MH



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Herbal First Aid

  Herbal First Aid: Shock, burns, heart attack, stroke, bleeding, infection, pain, headache, injury...
How prepared can you be for a stroke, for an accident, for bleeding, bruising, burns, heart attack, serious infection, minor infection, ear aches, eye injuries and infections...?
Here is a subject that is on everyone's mind. It is of obvious and reasonable concern to us how we handle situations that are frightening, threatening and which can take or alter life!
Some of us have asked the question what to do if there is no medical help available. Many of us have wondered if there were natural ways of handling emergencies that seem to show up at the worst times in pretty much everyone's life at some point.
Let me share...
My daughter came into the bathroom at a dead run. The floor was slick and her feet went out from under her. She lit directly on the back of her head. The thump was sickening. Bleeding on the brain immediately came to my wife's mind. She screamed for me and in the two or three seconds it took me to arrive, blood had begun hemorrhaging from my daughter's nose. In the drawer in the bathroom was a bottle of cayenne tincture. Beside it was a bottle of pine gum tincture. I put one dropper full of each in her mouth through the blood and had her swallow. While I was so in the act, I had Traci get water with cayenne pepper in it. 1/4 tsp of cayenne in 4 ounces of water was downed within 15 seconds. Within 5 more seconds, the bleeding had stopped completely. We never worried about bleeding on her brain or concussion or contusion of the brain. That, my friends, is freedom, a great source of peace and it also saved us a lot of money!
Another daughter awoke in the night to nurse. She could not continue nursing. She pulled her ear, had a fever and screamed incessantly. I reached around the back of her head and felt her swollen lymph nodes. From my bedside table, I took a bottle of garlic oil that cost me pennies to make from garlic and olive oil. I put a few drops in each ear and on each side of the head and face massaged the garlic oil in freely to the forehead, cheek, below the ear and the base of the skull. In a few seconds her crying diminished and in a few minutes she calmed down and went to sleep. We treated her ears like this in the day and in the evening every day for three days. The infection was totally cleared. We never went to a doctor, we never got antibiotics to unduly poison our child. We had her and us back to sleep in minutes and we had this treatment right there to use each time the ear infection returned for the few months while her eustachian tubes were developmentally flat and again when she cut her molars. Her ears were never damaged, we got to sleep and we never used tubes and surgery or antibiotics of any kind. We watched her diet so she could avoid high residue foods I have spoken about so often. That, my friends, is FREEDOM and with it came a good night's sleep and a deeply comforting peace of mind.
I went out sledding with my children on a sledding hill in Star Valley, Wyoming. I decided to ride a circular sled that was oddly designed (and a bit too small) so that I was at a strained angle as it descended the hill. I got up to speed and hit a bump near the bottom. The sled was airborn and tipped back as it flew. When it landed, I was leaning back and my bottom, on which the sled was held, was straight in the direction of travel. There it hit a ditch with the opposite angle and the sled went from that high velocity to an immediate stop. All the while I was in a strained position. I felt the deep pain in my back and the air went out of me. I rolled over and could not get up for several seconds. When I did I could scarcely walk and leaned on my sled. I had caused a compression fracture of my third lumbar (low back) vertebra. We went home and my wife got out the miracle tincture. I knelt down on the bed and she massaged it into my back where I showed her. She would massage for 2-5 minutes and then the pain would subside. 15 minutes later it would return and she would rub more in. This pretty much consumed the first night. The next day was better and we only rubbed it in 6 or 7 times that day and one time very extensively right before bed. During this time I drank my calc tea variation freely. I took cayenne and ate fruit and juice but no heavy food at all. The third day we massaged it maybe 3 times and once before bed. The next day, I went to work. I was a little weak for several days, but I never missed work, doing massage and spa treatments all day every day. I was not in chronic pain. I stayed out of pain pretty much the whole time. That was freedom and it spared me much of suffering and missed work.
We went to the lodge where I worked (in the spa) and my family checked in. My daughters quickly dressed into swimming suits and hurried down the hall. As they went, one of them tripped and fell face down. As her arms were in a towel, she failed to catch herself. Her nose literally hit the floor. Blood gushed from her nose as I scooped her up and trotted her back to the room. There we discovered that we had left our herb bag at home! She was in the tub with cold water running on her and pressure on her nose, but the bleeding was still gushing strong as ever. I stepped in and instructed my children (who had learned with me) to start quantum touch from a distance while I held her head in one hand and the bridge of her nose in the other. I did the concentrated breathing and the quantum touch technique. In 15-20 seconds the bleeding went from a heavy gush gradually down lower and lower until it stopped somewhere around 20 seconds after we started the quantum touch. We worked with no herbs or other tools, just our bare hands. That skill is real FREEDOM!
I want to help you have that kind of freedom. I want to help you spare suffering to yourself and others, especially children. 
I have been contemplating an herbal first aid course for years and now I have completed one. Thanks be to divine providence and students enrolling in the complete curriculum, I have experienced a stimulation of the drive necessary to complete this rather complex and difficult project to make for you a comprehensive first aid course teaching you: herbal medicine,many bare hand techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime with just your hands, emergency care, a safer, more effective CPR replacement, splinting, broken bone care, diabetes care, choking first aid, etc.
We have covered subjects like shock, diabetes, bleeding, heart attack, stroke, infection, wounds, broken bones, sprains, headaches, pain, allergies, asthma, contact dermatitis, circulation, frostbite, snakebite, stings, puncture wounds, fever, enemas, constipation, diarrhea, eye injuries, ear infections, neurological damage and several other emergency and first aid care subjects. We have covered what I call "empty hand" techniques, where you have no resources but brain and hands. There is a section on survival. We teach herbal techniques, and lay out the tools and kit contents needed to be well prepared. I have also included a reference document with recipes for making each item, what each item is for (quick reference) and a list of non-herbal items that I carry in my first aid kit.
I am delighted to offer this to you. This is the most extensive course I have ever done with audio, video and written portions. I feel like I would be happy to pay $400+ for this course (indeed, I paid about that for my last herbal first aid course that I took 8 years ago), but I have made every effort to keep the price down for you, regardless of the high value among other courses I have encountered in the past.
You can get it now for $99
This is the electronic version that you can download immediately. To purchase this use the following link and then follow the return to my site and save that page so you always have it. I guarantee that this course will easily provide you information that can save you many times its cost forthwith.
For the hardcopy of the course, I have a limited supply and when they are gone they are gone. I am really unprepared to do a lot of hardcopies of the course. If you want it already on Audio CD and DVD and a printout of the written portion for your convenience, this is available for $160, however, because we have limited quantities (as in VERY limited) you must send me an email if you want this option and I will send you a paypal button to pay for it. You will also get an electronic version with this so you can get started immediately.
Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and the information it contains.
Kal Sellers, MH, LMT


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The Final Cancer Report: The role of the ADRENAL GLANDS

There are two parts to the role of the Adrenal Glands relative to cancer. First, the role of stress sentry (guarding the way between stress and physical malfunction); Second, the role of crisis management energy. We shall discuss these below and how to heal the adrenal glands, which not uncommonly gets your life back for you in many situations, not just cancer.

Dr. Versandaal, the pioneer of responsible muscle testing for internal health assessment (a technique called CRA) said that only after you have adrenal weakness can you get cancer and auto immune disease and various other long-term diseases. We shall attempt to explain this as we go along.

It is no secret that cancer has many faces. The very existence of it is very disturbing, actually. Even though it is an adaptation, it is a weird adaptation, like allergies. In the case of allergies, it is not unreasonable that a persistent irritant should trigger immune response as an adaptation to one too many irritating stressors in the body, but that that response would become so out of balance, so excessive and yet inefficient. This denotes a body whose intelligence is actually confused! This does not occur, however, and the answer is something else.

Cancer is the same. It is an adaptation where the cancer actually absorbs toxins from the body that are being built up and not dealt with by the liver and other excretory organs. We say that this adaptation is most specific to a congested liver. This is logical, since the liver is involved with taking care of any area, which is not properly healing/regenerating and is involved with elimination of wastes, management of abnormal cells and so forth. When the liver is backed up, toxins build and will take some form of disease, which disease is ALWAYS, and without any possibility or recourse, an adaptation to the build-up of toxins, wastes, irritants and abnormal levels of all sorts of chemicals, radiation and mutagenic substances.

The adaptation IS the disease that we actually experience. The body sends in the immune system and this becomes allergies or auto-immune disease. The body stuffs this debris/toxicity into cells that will just indefinitely “hold” it, such as fat cells, cysts and various tumors. When the stress of these toxins becomes so excessive and builds so rapidly that it cannot be managed using inert cells any more, one possible response of the body might be cancer. This is an adaptation. If the need for it is removed, so also will the cancer be removed, quietly and without much ado, really.

I have told you the truth about cancer and the mechanism that causes it. I have given you much about how to manage/clear cancer from a practical, clinical standpoint. Those tools are well established and work reliably. What you are learning about here is the proverbial elephant in the room. It is in the room and everyone sees it, but because it does not fit into the sociable paradigm, it is ignored and everyone pretends it is not there. Being kind of lacking in even useful social paradigms myself, it is no thing at all for me to discuss the elephant, how it smells, its piles of excretions and everything!

The hidden rub with cancer is the same one as with allergies, really. Cancer is a logical adaptation, but the fact that cancer does not get turned off, is analogous to allergies and their extremity. There is a point at which cancer starts to generate more toxins than it absorbs and there is no reason that the body should not automatically turn it off there, indeed, it does exactly this thing a thousand times, a million times, so why does it not do it once and it kills the person? In both cases cure is effected readily by removing the balance of the toxins and irritants that led to the problem and getting the liver functioning properly again.  When the debris is removed, the body will switch out of that mode it was in and back into a state of health. Herein, however, lies the reason some do not get well and why anyone got sick like this in the first place in this way. The “mode” in which someone finds him or herself, which is a disease mode, makes no sense in the first place. It is not a purely physiological condition. It has to it a huge amount of psychosomatic influence.

If I may pause to support this with some modern evidence, a recent study shared with us in wellness class at Chiropractic College stated that over 90% of the toxins, mutagens and carcinogens have to be altered in some way in order to be toxic, mutagenic or carcinogenic. The same substances in the same person under different life circumstances can be totally benign or highly threatening!

Dr. Deepak Chopra is famous for his discussion of various mind-body elements of health and longevity. He pointed out in his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind that every cell of the human body receives neuropeptides (the chemicals that allow us to think and feel a certain thought or emotion) and that every tissue of the body produces them simultaneously! In other words, our thought patterns come into existence and every cell of the body responds by functioning worse or better depending on what we think and believe about our thoughts and feelings.

Finally, it is important to understand that the human body is capable of producing the worst toxins imaginable in the world! In one experiment discussed by Lee Pulos, condensate was captured from the breath of people in different states of mind and heart and was tested for toxicity. One person kept angry for an hour produced enough toxic condensate to kill a guinea pig!

In my practice and my home, we have used emotion code techniques to release fear and related emotions that spring from fear (like anger) to get rid of bad breath or body odor. At its most dramatic, we took a sweater which had been worn to a stressful social event and the odor could not be washed out. The owner put it on and wore it for a day until she began to sweat. Then we did the release and the odor went away completely. The sweater never smelled of that particular stink again! Of course, the smell only stays away until another fear emotion is triggered and then another strong smell may occur if it is processed that way by that individual.

From the above we ought to be able to gather that something that gets out of hand like cancer, allergies or autoimmune disease has in it some deep mind-body elements. Without these, such out of control conditions could not occur. For some, the obvious question is what about small children? Do they have mind-body causes and how do those causes occur at birth for some and at 80 years of age for another? This is a sound-sounding question, but the answer is still the same. Children, though, can be born with psychosomatic diseases in place, already turned on from the experience in the womb, at conception or in the parents (children often reflect parental states and always adopt their emotional stress to some extent. This is a matter of a survival mechanism, where the child attempts to process the stressors felt by the parents to improve later chances of survival). Further, many psychosomatic diseases have their roots in cellular recordings. This will be discussed in the next newsletter as it is a lengthy discussion and there is a specific technique for addressing these.

Here is what is relevant here. The adrenal glands serve a singular function relative to mind-body medicine. They stand, energetically, biochemically and physiologically as sentries that guard the way between psycho-emotional stress and physiological and anatomical malfunction.

The liver also plays an important role here as it processes/manages the physiological effects of said stress and also manages the anatomical repair, if needed. One possibility, from a physiological standpoint, is that children are born with liver congestion/weakness and adrenal weakness. Limitations in the parents represent always a possibility in the children of weakness in that area. Energetically, there is not a healthy flow and development follows this, as do genetics. The child is born, then, with weakness already in place, not just the potential for it. For this reason, we urge parents to take their health seriously and actually MAKE DIFFERENT DECISIONS prior to conception and throughout pregnancy. This has happened because parents were ignorant in times past, but one must wonder if the problem is obstinate pride today, or carelessness, since the resources to learn about and live a healthy lifestyle are virtually free and everywhere.

Regardless of the cause, status or age, the adrenal glands must be supported for prevention and, for this reason and the reason discussed next, cure! One of the things that seals the deal with cancer is the emotional state that it induces. It is a vicious cycle. The cancer has deep feelings of loss or injury at its root, but it also perpetuates that feeling with despair added in. Further, the adrenal glands are involved with the ongoing energy demands to fight cancer and to chase out both those chemical and psychosomatic elements that brought it on. Strong adrenals can support this “war” within, but weak ones will succumb, barring a miracle.

So the question remains: how do we rebuild and maintain our adrenal glands?

The adrenal glands are stressed by many foods. All processed foods, sugars, stimulants, irritants, pro-inflammatory particles, allergens and so forth exhaust adrenal resources. The adrenals, when strong, defend against overreaction to everything in every way, but when weak, they let the devil in, so to speak, and then they are weakened further by the exhaustion of checking inflammation as well as trying to control the beginning of such excessive reactions in the first place.

It would be a fool who would imagine that the adrenal glands are sentries to a one-way door. Both diet and thinking stress them or support them with separate but equal power. So, when you get my next newsletter about healing psychosomatic stuff, you will want to give it equal or greater attention.

In fine, we need to both control/modify diet habits and thinking habits. The subject is more complex than this, obviously, but just having gratitude unfeigned and abundantly for everything in life will control all the psychosomatic elements to a large degree.

Finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for, the herbal supplement you can take that will fix all of your problems and make your diseases go away and others never arrive. I am being cynical and perhaps unfair to someone, but if you imagine that you can take a supplement that will fix the consequences of the other 99.9999% of your choices, you are in some other world than the one your body lives in.

Having said that, I do get amazing results with the formula that I use for rebuilding the adrenal glands. It is made by Wind River Herbs ( or 307 883 7070) and is called ADR. As far as I know, it is the best adrenal repair formula on the market. I have my clients use 3 droppers full in a little water 2 x daily for one week, then 2 droppers full 2x daily for one week, then 1 dropper full 2 x daily thereafter until they get reassessed at 6 weeks. This should be followed at least one time yearly to manage the impact of modern living on our adrenal glands. This will keep them healthy for life if some other basic dietary choices are made besides.

On that note, you can and should own Traci’s books. The most recent edition (The School of Natural Healing edition) of Traci’s Transformational Health Principles contains the recipe book also on CD rom in the back. This will teach you all you need to know about diet so that you can minimize the stress of diet on your body and maximize its healing effect as much as you need to to have health for life. This will take the stress off of your liver and adrenal glands and will help you stay healthy or get healthy as is your need. You can read about them at

In my opinion, repair of the adrenal glands can make all the difference. Cancer victims get exhausted and they lose the energy they need to keep up the fight. They also have a huge amount of stress that comes from all the surrounding expectation that they are dying, not just “cancering” as my vitalistic Chiropractor mentor, Dr. Arno Burnier says. It is by no means a certainty that someone is dying when they are just “cancering.” We do not have cancer or the flu or any other disease, but rather we are just expressing that as part of our life expression. It will kill only inasmuch as there is a belief system, conscious or not, that allows it to kill. We are “flu-ing” or “cold-ing” or “disease-ing” or “dy-ing” but this is an expression of health and life, not an identity. When we understand and accept this axiom, we gain the power to look more openly at our lives, our bodies brimming with innate intelligence and we get to ask what is being expressed? We can then learn what we are in that situation to learn.

The loose ends that are not tied up here in this article, will be tied up in the next newsletter on the psychosomatic end of things, where we will cover cellular recordings and the course that we have just created for that purpose. There is nothing like what we are doing for mind-body healing. There has never been anything like it. It is unsurpassed, unequalled and even un-mimicked anywhere else at present. I invite you to learn from it in the next newsletter and in that course if you feel that psychosomatic pull in yourself happening where you engage in self-sabotage or where you fail to get good results physically even though you are doing good diet and lifestyle choices!

Until next time, thanks for reading,

Kal Sellers, MH


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Inflammation Management

In this article, we shall discuss the common problem of inflammation. This has common root with every disease of our time. Management of it is absolutely key to so much of healing, prevention of common degenerative conditions and slowing of the deterioration of aging.

Step I: The use of anti-inflammatory herbs: Acute

This is a list of herbs and medium dosages for times when inflammation is high. It is easiest to manage inflammation by daily habits, then need for anti-inflammatory herbs is lower.

My favorite herbs for acute inflammation management are:

Yucca: 10 capsules of yucca stalk up to 2 times daily for short duration

Horehound: 5 capsules/ 2 cups of tea 2 times daily for any duration

Evening Primrose Oil:3000 mg 2 times daily for up to several weeks

Cayenne pepper: 1 capsule or 1/4 teaspoon in water up to 3 times daily or as often as needed up to tolerance level. Cayenne works by both inflammation reduction and as a counter-irritant that shifts how the body responds to inflammatory irritants in a more positive way.

For chronic management:

Ginger root: 14-20 capsules per day for almost any amount of time. Known to be corrective for many types of inflammation in as many as 70% of cases of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis

EPA/DHA filtered out and concentrated from fish oil: I prefer to have vitamin A and D in this formulation, also molecularly filtered. This fish-oil based supplement is most helpful in pretty high doses every 3-5 hours. A popular product currently that meets this criteria is "Better Brain" by Garden of Life's sub company "Ocean's 3." A typical dose might be 3 gelcaps 3 times daily.

Evening Primrose Oil: 2000mg per day for pretty much an unlimited amount of time. In my experience this oil works better than other competing products which appear to have more of the desired fatty acids.

Nettle and dong quai together or separately as tea or tinctures: 7 cups per day of the tea, or 3 droppers full 2 times daily of the combined tincture (equal parts). Dong quai alone will help with many cases.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

As for diet, much more can be said than will be said here, but this is the absolute basics:

1. 70% or more raw food on each plate.

2. Absolutely no dairy, bread (including cereal and pasta) or refined sweeteners (such as artificial sweeteners, table sugar, corn sweeteners and any chemically isolated sweetener or sugar of any kind). Also no processed and chemical-laden foods common to all packaged foods.

3. Sparing use of animal flesh and starch. For flesh, no more than 2 times weekly and only at midday. This should be meat, not processed meat products and not chicken. Starch should be small portions at no more than one meal per day.

4. Use freely fruits and vegetables, always eating no more than 2/3 of what is required to become satiated. Nuts and seeds are more concentrated and should be eaten in smaller amounts and should always be raw. More about eating habits later.

Long-Term Considerations for Healing:

1. Hormone support: generally, we would use some form of plant hormone management here. This should not be processed soy products, but many other options would work fine. Black beans and fava beans are common items I use in practice. Dr. Christopher's Hormonal Changease formula is also one of my favorites. 7 capsules 2 times daily is about what is required to remove hormonal stress and subsequent inflammation in many cases, both male and female, while underlying systems are healed. Of the beans, we generally use 1/2 cup each day.

2. Liver support and movement: My liver power formula is very effective for liver support and strength. A single herb that might work in many cases is artichoke leaf. Either way, 6 capsules 1 time per day for several weeks to 3 months is not uncommon dosage in my practice. 

Liver movement is created by good, strong cholegogues. Dr. Christopher used barberry root, which is certainly among the strongest of the very safe herbs that will still create vigorous bile flow. His formula, Barberry LG (if in is called Liver Gall Bladder formula in capsules) is very good. It does work best as a tea, unsweetened. I also encourage my clients to massage their own gall bladder area and onto the sphincter of Oddi area, which is usually just right of midline down one inch below the rib cage where there is a tender, rather hardish spot. I have my clients drink between 1 and 3 cups night and morning to get the liver flowing. This is probably the most direct underlying cause of inflammation and damage caused by it and because of it. Good liver flow is visible by observing bile in the toilet after a bowel movement. This looks like almost any color sand in the toilet. This will also increase bowel movements. If the bowel movements are not adequate, the person will become sick from liver cleansing. In this case, individual consultation or my cleansing course is indicated.

3. Preliminary digestion: In order to keep our bodies from reacting with inflammation to food we eat, it is important to have very good preliminary digestion. This includes all of the following:

                 a. Chew your food very well. Mis every particle of every bite with saliva. If teeth are a problem, blend and swish your food.

                 b. Relax after meals. Let your body switch into and stay in parasympathetic mode such that digestion can work properly, which will not occur if the body stays stuck in "hurry and worry."

                 c. Dinner/your evening meal must be light, simple and early. Light means eat less and eat less dense food (stick to just fruit or to vegetables and starch). Simple means no more than 4 items (lettuce, shredded carrots, avocado and a steamed vegetable or cooked starch). Early means finish dinner by 6:30 p. m. If you cannot do this last part, keep dinner simpler and lighter as compensation.

                 d. Eat fruit first. For breakfast have only ripe fruit, chewed well and alone or blended with almonds or chard leaves (or other green leaves) to make a green smoothie. If struggling with an addiction, have fruit first before you give in to your indulgence. It is also useful to have a piece of fruit 20 minutes before each meal to serve as a digestive stimulant. 

                 e. Cayenne pepper 15 minutes before each meal. Stir 1/4 tsp into water and drink down 15 minutes before each meal. It must be smelled and tasted, so capsules do not work.

                 f. Apple cider vinegar in a little water with meals. I usually use 3 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of distilled water. Sip this with meals to improve digestion, activate the liver and improve elimination. Food so consumed (with sips of this mixture) will be far less likely to stimulate reactions and inflammation.

                 g. Stay below your personal metabolic limit. These rules will never be adequate for many cases. Each individual must get an idea of what their metabolic limit is (how much food, chemicals, drugs, preservatives, stress, toxins, work, exposure, etc that the body can tolerate) and must use the things in their power (especially, but not limited to food) to reduce the load so that there is a significant buffer zone between their metabolic load and their metabolic limit. This idea is more conceptual at the beginning as no individual numbers or boundaries can be given, but once you get it for you, it becomes very practical and very important to health recovery and maintenance for life.

The idea is to integrate these concepts, beginning with managing inflammation and ending with life habits and a healthy liver so that healing and low inflammation will be the new norm, hormones are regulated and body functions are managed by the liver for optimal life expression.

Thank you for reading,

Kal Sellers, MH

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