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Kal's Must-Have List
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Important: This page is under construction. Please enjoy what is here and be patient while we get it all put together.


This page contains my "Must Have" list. These are the products or resources that I feel everyone should have on their shelf, in their herb-cupboard, with their kitchen appliances, bookmarked on their computer or on their person.

I cannot adequately emphasize how rigorously I explore something before it shows up here. If it is good enough and I can get set up to sell it, I may offer it to you from myself, if not, or UNTIL I do, I put it on my list anyway IF IT IS GOOD ENOUGH!

I do not know anyone with higher standards than I have. Products make it here if they are truly revolutionary, profoundly beneficial, very helpful and/or very, very effective at something important. Each product has a brief description and our highest recommendation. We appreciate your business when you can purchase from us.

Thank you.

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Kitchen Equiptment


Personal Healing Wearables

EM Radiation





Water: The Doctor who promoted the Enagic machine to me had been to Japan and had investigated the product they used and the results it generated--so good that they used it in hospitals. He tried every product on the market at that time and could not find a single product that worked or worked very long. He had a test he performed for micro-clustering where he compared regular water and the Kangan water with two tea bags. He dipped one in each and then in subsequent glasses of water. He watched for the Kangan water to extract tea from the bag glass after glass and the other to stop producing tea after a couple glasses. This indicated microclustering of the water, which is the most beneficial aspect of true Kangan water. None of the machines would do it or do it consistently. After several years and nearly giving up, he found Enagic's machine. He tried it and found that it consistently yeilded the results he desired and  IT DID SO FOR MANY, MANY YEARS AND FOR THOUSANDS OF GALLONS--in fact, his office machine, which he uses to give water to his patients, has had well over 40 years worth of use by comparison and still produces top quality water. There is no other brand even worth considering.

Enagic Kangan Water Machine


Literature: It would be a valid discussion to recommend classic literature, but specifically, I am recommending literature related to health that I find to be so precious that I would never want to be without it. These are in alphabetical order:

101 Miracles of Natural Healing by Luke Chan--This is a Chi Gong book and is absolutely a must to expose you to the power of this ancient art.

The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson is the best technique since EFT, only simpler. He has explored the emotion and thought connection to health in a way that gets immediate physical results when done correctly.

The Essene Gospel of Peace as translated by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely is alleged to be the words of Jesus prior to his ministry where He went among a poor and sick people as a physician.

The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel--This book is on the top selling lists today and is certainly one of the finest books ever written on the subject of weight loss, though it goes far beyond this when these principles are applied across the board to the whole life experience. He simplifies matters that have been congested and complicated in the past. I believe Mr. Gabriel is the only person in modern history who understands the obesity issue.

The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, Ph.D.--There are multiple books out there by this name, so make sure you get Dr. Duke's. If you like the idea of practical natural healing from one of the world's leading experts in all of history, consider this book. It might be out of print and copies of it are precious indeed.

Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto--This book should be read by every man, woman and child in the world. Here is a glimpse of one's self without distraction. Here is the stuff we are made of and the stuff we must heal for anything to change.

The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John R. Christopher--This is the actual textbook that the great American herbalist created to teach what he was unsurpassed at.

The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe--This is the ultimate raw food and life philosophy book. It also teaches a great deal about personal success and the human psyche and what holds us back. It is a landmark book in the field.

Kitchen Equipment:

Below, I shall simply list the equipment we have tried and found better than acceptable both in usefulness and durability.

Vitamix blender, Champion Juicer, Full-Sized Bosch with food processing attachments, Excaliber Dehydrator, Vidalia Onion Wizard, Cutco Serrated Utility Knife, Henkel's Chef Knife

At a yard sale, we recently found a blender called a "Maxximum" which actually seems to be superior in every way to the Vitamix. It is competitively priced and probably cheaper on the used ebay market.

Air Quality: This is a must to consider today, in fact, no one is doing nearly so well with it as needs to be done. But my list is a start.

First, everyone can afford and should have as a minimum a house where all pesticides have been cleaned out from the inside and should have a himalayan sea salt lamp that will ionize the air so that the pollutants in the air are less harmful.

Second, I encourage every person to consider a more active unit that will filter air and change it so that it is genuinely purer. The company that gets my endorsement is Nikken, who holds the patents on several of the finest products where technology is used to combat the toxicity of technology today.

Much more needs to be done here if we are to have any hope of combatting the modern toxic world. It is known now that as high as 95% of all birth defects are related to pesticide residues. In Bali, a doctor has tested all birth defect mothers and infants that he could get his hands on and he found high levels of pesticides in 100% of them! Much more needs to be done than has been done. Every person should avoid toxins where possible and should keep their liver healthy and the load on their body minimal with diet in order to have any chance. I also believe everyone should have one or more systems in their houses to make clean air for sleeping and living.

Personal Healing Wearables: I am all for crystals and magnets, but really what we need is a way to stabilize our energy and a way to protect ourselves from EM radiation. There is one company that makes products in both categories, but specializes in the former. This company is Clarus. Many companies have developed technology that protects against radiation from computers, cell phones and wireless networks, etc. I have yet to try enough of them to compare, but I believe Clarus to be a very good company.

EM Radiation: It is possible that this belongs with air quality, but I am separating it from that and from personal wearables because Clarus, the company mentioned above, also makes devices that will plug into your computer that block harmful, random EM radiation and instead release pulses that are consistent with a healthy person. This technology is one of those things we ought to own to help aid in the fight against what the world is becoming, which is very scary.






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